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We believe every student is worth teaching and teachable. Through an amalgamation of discipline and counselling together with our school motto “Diligence, Frugality, Loyalty and Faithfulness” as the guiding principle, our school promotes a whole school approach to cultivate students to establish positive values and attitudes. We strive to create a pleasant and positive culture and environment on campus. 

In addition to the regular classroom management, weekly assembly and our global civil education, our school will introduce the idea of Well-being, PERMA (Seligman, 2011) and the Growth Mindset to encourage students to appreciate their strengths, recognize their value and explore their potentials. What is more, our students are willing to face the challenges proactively and optimistically, which in turn help them build up self-confidence as well as foster their care, support and social harmony in the community.

Martin Seligman Introducing a New Theory of Well-Being
Introducing a New Theory of Well-Being
Fixed Mindset

Our school will also provide a variety of parent-child education courses regularly such as seminars, workshops, etc. to let our parents better know about students’ school life and will furnish them with parent education. We hope to gain the trust and support from our parents so that we can work together to cultivate students’ virtues with positive values and enable them to obtain valuable experiences at their primary stages.