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We will implement the “In-class Experts” program throughout the featured courses in the afternoon session. Experts in particular aspects like music, physical education or visual arts will come to our school and be the instructors/coaches for students at the entire grade. As such, our students can unleash their potentials through getting specialized guidance and ultimately facilitate the popularization of professionality.   

In addition, different sorts of training and activities will be provided for students after class to extend their learning interests and, more importantly, to cultivate them to achieve excellence in music, arts or sports performance. On the other hand, our school will offer a chance for our students to join the percussion, orchestras or other school teams so that they can widen their horizons by participating in different joint-school performance and exchange activities.  



  1. Music
  • Through implementing Universal Music Education, it not only helps develop students’ talent and interest in music, but also soothe their mind and enlighten their spirit. 
  1. Sports
  • Strengthen our body, develop students’ physical competence and cultivate team spirit.  
  1. Arts
  • Inspire creativity and presentation skills