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Campus Environment & Facilities – Exploring the World, Learning-time Sharing

Through implementing the concept of Co-Study space, our school designs and builds facilities in place to meet teaching demands and develop students’ potentials. With “Exploring the World” as the main theme of the school design, a series of air, sea and land exploration-based elements has been positively integrated into the campus, which creates a more vibrant campus life for both teachers and students!

With 30 well-equipped classrooms, our campus consists of two main buildings, the Teaching Block and the Multi-function Complex, providing ample space for students to engage in music, sports, art and other activities so as to exert their full potentialities.

Our school integrates campus greening into teaching and provides extensive areas for planting in school, which allow students to experience in various kinds of greening activities like growing plants, setting up aquaponics and exploring nature so as to promote a green culture among students and cultivate their interest in environmental protection. In facilitating the school's ongoing STEAM development along with a wide range of English activities, on the other hand, the school establishes a number of learning bases to let students explore the mysteries of the universe.

Not only Co-Study space helps close the distance between teachers and students, but also helps promote academic exchanges. For example, the Outdoor Learning Funland located on the 1/F next to the Library provides students a pleasant and leisure environment for reading, sharing or discussing in groups at recess.

The main venues and facilities are as follows:

Co-Study Space

Library and Learning Resources Centre, Outdoor Learning Funland, Multi-purpose Activity Centre, Exhibition and Conference Centre, Auditorium, Wellness Hub, Outdoor Theater, etc.

Exploration Centre

Global Exploration Centre, Technology Exploration Centre, Campus Weather Station, Natural Exploration Centre, Multi-sensory Garden, Ecology Educational Trail, etc.

Talent Development

Fitness Development Centre, Multi-function Sports Ground, Training Tracks, Art Development Space, Campus TV and Media Education Centre, etc.